Family Activity Ideas in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, ‘The Rose of The North’, is a special and unforgettable province in northern Thailand. Full of majesty, culture, and incredible diversity, tours in Chiang Mai boast a whole host of fascinating things to see and do. 

Scorpion Tailed River cruises

Have a boat trip along the Mae Ping Water that goes through the city. The Scorpion can be a small family run business they are a friendly and light bunch. They have 3 boats that are quite distinct-looking, since they are reproductions of old ships which used to sail down the river in previous times. You can enjoy Tour from Chiang Mai   (also known as ” ทัวร์ดูงานจากเชียงใหม่ in Thai languages) with us.

Doi Suthep TempleThere’s a saying that goes’ just like you haven’t been to Chiang Mai, if you never visit Doi Suthep, it’s’. It is because this revered temple is the symbol of Chiang Mai. Perched on the mountainside in the upper end it includes fantastic views overlooking town. Its own pagodas and the temple are superb, a great national and spiritual picture that’s a pleasure to visit

Sunday walking street marketUsed every Sunday from around 4pm-10pm Chiangmaiis renowned market placed on the major walking block is a good place to grab handicrafts and souvenirs. Hill tribe products, jewelry, a wide variety of handicrafts from handmade lamps to clothes are available at discount prices.

Explore the countryEscape the tourist center and take even more tour or a time to discover the beauty of the surrounding country of Chainmail. Sites such as Chiang Dao can be done in a day, for longer trips head to Mae Hong Son that are more traditional places which are full of breathtaking scenery, mountains, and hill tribe culture and Chiang Rai.