Getting Into a Successful Wine Business

There are currently many options available for making into this growing industry for those who have the passion. The first is the famous avenue that has been the most familiar one for most of our history, the bonded winery. To find out more info about wine importer, you can also click Mike Asimos.

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This is for those who are really going to build a physical “brick and mortar” arrangement to make the wine in and then sell that wine. The second way is for those who have a passion for making and selling their own wines but are not really ready to make the financial venture into having one built or purchasing a current one. In this instance, they become qualified with the TTB (federal government) as what is called an alternating proprietary and then begin into an agreement/contract with an actually bonded winery to share their space and make their wines there.

The third benefit of getting in is the one that has grown dramatically particularly in the past 10 years. This is the level of the custom crush client, also seldom known as wholesalers. They and the alternating proprietaries are the “virtual” wineries. A custom crush client enhances qualified as a wholesaler with the TTB and enters into an understanding with a bonded winery to have their wines made, then takes the complete product and goes out and sells it.