Typical Sports Shonen Manga

At first, I just randomly chose a manga to kill off all the free time I have in this summer, I would have watched anything, even the read manga slam dunk. However, it was lucky that I got my hands on the Hajime No Ippo at the time. At that time, the third season of the anime was announced, so I might as well pick myself up on the fan road so that I can catch up with the most recent season. 

This is already my 9th year of properly watching anime and reading manga, but every good series still makes me feel like I'm a newbie who has just discovered the wonderful feelings that only a good manga can give to you. I knew nothing about the hype of Hajime no Ippo as I go into it, all I knew is that it was a boxing show that is still going on strong at 100 chapters or something. 

The anime of Read shokugeki no shoma manga was made as a collaboration of VAP studio and Madhouse. As Madhouse has published its fair shares of nopes in the recent years, I was still excited for the series, knowing that the series is directed by Shigeru, the same director that made Trigun a masterpiece. I did not watch that series myself, either, but my friends, as well as famous reviewers, give it strong credits here in the Western fandom, so I expect that this will be the work of good studios and staffs. 

Right off the bat, we are gotten into a high school setting with the timid main hero whose name is Ippo. He is totally ordinary and gets bullied left and right, which is to be expected in any shonen manga. However, if any series starts like that, then it should not be much of a disappointment, and it wasn't as I read on with the series. In fact, the series amused me very much!

Open yourself to the world of boyish manga

have you read the A game of thrones books in order? The battles are fun to watch, and the power each of the characters has is insane.They are all fun to watch so you will not be missing out of anything you are expecting, and I can say for sure that avid shounen manga fan will not be disappointed reading this book. In the introduction of the characters, the author shows really well how their own distinction will be of use for the plot, how they will fit in with everyone else, and every sequence of fighting is so delightful to watch. A lot more is added to the show other than the fightings and the actions: there is a balance between the heart touching stories and the humor that makes you laugh your stomach out. To add more praise, I want to say that the perverted moments in this series are really appropriate. Of course, they are over the top, but the author does not use them too often or too depicting so that they are enjoyed thoroughly. Clearly, these moments are used for quick chuckles, and not for exploitation. A cheap tactic, yes it is, but in comparison to other shows, they are more entertaining and less annoying. 

The insane fight actions fill the show, but they can make us understand the different power of each character thoroughly. The later fights, though, get more and more bizarre, so it might be hard to take the show seriously after a certain point. But who are we to ask for seriousness in a typical shounen series? If it is seriousness you are looking for, we are suggesting the Number The Star Book, which is all about history, fights, morals and philosophies of the people in difficult situations. It is really one of a kind novel that is written for children but can be enjoyed by all age alike for its content and expressions. 

Toka In The Tokyo Ghoul Series

If you have read the Tokyo Ghoul manga or watched the Tokyo Ghoul anime, you will see that the series ended with a cliff hanger: in the middle of an epic battle, no one has won, no one has lost, the final transformation is not yet revealed. It just ends, leaving all of us baffling, the way the Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Manga did.

Thankfully, the first thing the author does in the sequel series Tokyo Ghoul A is finishing this thing that keeps dragging in our mind for months and moths. However, he also decided to end it on loose ends. The cliff hanger turns to the event that Kaneki, who was brutally tortured by the villains, chose to join the villains, leaving the ones that came to love him behind. Now that is what I call a twist.

Clearly, the hero in this series is Kaneki, but in the sequel series, the author has decided to make it the battle of two sides, instead. The people Kaneki has left, and the police who are going after the ghouls. It was not just angst anymore. 

Toka was Kane's love interest. Seeing him disappeared, the girl decided to restructure her life completely and mimic Kaneki before his disappearance (if you find this familiar somehow, then it was also in the Harry Potter books in order). She tried to get into his university, she takes care of Hinami the orphan ghoul who he used to adopt, she wants to be friend with Kaneki close friends. We are not yet to understand why she changes her life to such extent just to be closer to him. A theory is that she hopes to understand why then the man turns into the dark side. Unfortunately for us, the anime did not explore these motivations. We only see this confident girl transforming herself into an angsty teenager who keeps crying over the prince that has left her, and does not want to do anything about it.