Uses Of Moscow Mule Mug

There are certain beverages in the world which are as refreshing as the Moscow mule but Moscow mule has its own specialty. It is a mixture of ginger beer, vodka and lime juice. Though prepared for the first time as far back as the 1940s, it is still widespread in different places of the world. Custom Moscow mule mugs are perfect to drink this blend.

Moscow mules were usually offered in copper mugs. These mugs are still sold in many stores. Copper mugs are used to serve this drink since it upholds the temperature of the drink and gives a unique flavor.

Copper coated stainless steel cups are sold on. This is done both for cafeterias and for individuals. One can imprint or emboss a logo of one's choice on these mugs, making them suitable for pubs and restaurants.

A great idea is to present these mugs as a gift set to members of family or friends on special occasions. The mugs are mostly available in sets of five.You can avail Copper Mules mugs via online stores.

If you like your mug to be available in different colors, it can be done. Many Moscow mule mugs are available in various colors, if you check the online galleries of reputed vendors. Colorful mugs look very attractive, while serving the purpose of holding the drink as well.