Halal certification in Australia

Halal certification is not limited to food only but it also implies on products being used by Muslims.

There are three types of halal certification in Australia.

  1. Single products get the certification, which means that the production and ingredients present are halal. This means a halal consumer can buy halal yogurt from a store that is also selling non-halal yogurt.
  2. Production industries can also be provided with a halal certificate so that any products being produced on the basis of certification standard can be labeled halal. Like, if a slaughterhouse is producing halal meat and its process is certified it means the meat will be halal in the end even if the shape or cuts of meat looks unusual. It might be possible that the meat might not be labeled halal even if gets into the market.
  3. Selling premises can be given halal meat certification so that food being prepared and sell from that business is halal. The halal certification process might have changed according to the agency carrying out the services. This part leads to uncertainty in the minds of businesses. Halal consumers are largely unaware about the processing that has been made for the certification and what rules were set by the halal certification authority.