Quantico Season 2 Cast Changes: Priyanka Chopra Joined By Blair Underwood

ABC’s Quantico Season 1 ended with Priyanka Chopra’s FBI Agent Alex Parrish being torn between accepting a phone call that would see her join Jake McLaughlin’s FBI Agent Ryan Booth on the romantic excursion she’s desired to go on OR accept the job offer with the CIA by Henry Czerny’s CIA Director Matthew Keyes.

Quantico’s Season 2 premiere is expected to reply the question of whether she joins the CIA or stays with the FBI. Her response will shape the standard cast of ABC’s Quantico. In the last week of this month quantico season 2 episode Streaming will be available online.

Will there be any cast returns from Quantico Season 1? It looks like at least four celebrities return with Priyanka Chopra for ABC Quantico Season 2; they're Jake McLaughlin (playing FBI agent Ryan Booth), Aunjanue Ellis (playing FBI Director Miranda Shaw), Yasmine Al Massri (playing FBI and civilian twins Nimah and Raina Amin) and Johanna Braddy (playing FBI agent Shelby Wyatt).

It's not clear whether performer Henry Czerny will return as CIA Director Matthew Keyes for Quantico Season 2, but it's been reported as early as May 2016 that he was in negotiations to return in some capacity for Quantico Season 2; whether for an one or a couple of episodes or more, it's not yet understood.

We do know some of the regular cast members that are new and some recurring cast members for ABC’s Quantico Season 2.

Actor Promenade Russell Tovey is allegedly playing with “Harry Doyle and joins Quantico Season 2. The character is described as a mischievous gadabout. Part Thomas Crown, component grown up Artful Dodger, the cryptic Harry can be anything to anybody — and is just as likely as he is to pick at his pocket when it’s over to  your husband.”

Veteran actor Blair Underwood reportedly plays “Owen Hall and also joins the regular cast. The character is described as having an immediate presence — he’s comfortable, direct and capturing. Hall is the intelligent and inspirational CIA officer every unfledged operative wishes she or he could learn from. But is he running them, or using them for something different?”

Actress Pearl Thusi joins as standard cast and supposedly plays “Dayana Mampasi, a driven, disciplined, type A attorney. She worked at a NGO before joining her parents’ Boston firm after graduating top of her class at Harvard. But though she seems to have it all, Dayana struggles to fit in

Quantico will kill off one of its favorite recruits in Upcoming Episode

As always, the most recent episode of “Quantico” comes with important spoilers warnings, since a fan favourite character met their end in Sunday’s (March 13) episode.

Thus did Nathalie (Anabelle Acosta) actually only expire? It’s difficult to picture that fiery blast being survived by her, but you simply never understand.

As the recruits effort to cultivate new sources at Quantico by using weaknesses, Alex (Priyanka Chopra) attempted to smuggle a bomb-strapped Nathalie into FBI headquarters on the request of her mysterious blackmailer.

The springtime season of “Quantico” has shifted its speed and for the very first time the puzzle of flash forwards is considerably more amusing than antics are ’ed by the children . Quantico season 2 episode 1 is the most awaited show of the serial.

The future storyline has action, suspense and comedy to boot. When Nathalie inquires Ryan (Jake McLaughlin) if it’s unusual working collectively, he can simply inquire, “Me and Hannah? Me and you? Alex and me?”

That’s undoubtedly the hint of a man juggling a lot of girls on the job.

Talking of juggling a lot of girls, Caleb’s (Graham Rogers) relationship with Shelby (Johanna Braddy) might have reached a standstill, but Iris (Li Jun Li) consistently appears to be waiting in the wings. It’s difficult to tell if Iris is truly attempting to associate with her teammates, or if she’s controlling the both of them. Many people are still a defendant.

The new recruits have incorporated themselves?

None of them have already been seen in the flash up to now, and it doesn’t look like they are going to appear any time soon. Did all they flunk out, falling to the superior skills of our favourite team of crime-solvers? Did they perish in the Grand Central Station bombing? Or is among them intending to swoop in and become Alex’s blackmailer?

Now that we understand just how much this blackmailer is not unwilling to go, it’s a terrible time that’s for sure.