Caring For Quartz Countertops

When you first consider the question of maintenance of your quartz Countertops, you might well ask, what maintenance? Quartz is a man-made material and is designed to be one of the toughest and most durable materials there is.  If you want to know some features of quartz countertops, then you may visit at

Quartz work surfaces are coated with a protective sealant, in order to keep the protective sealant intact it is important to avoid the use of commercial cleaning agents that are acidic, abrasive or alkaline. All you should need is hot and soapy water. The shine and sparkle of your work surface is in the material itself so there is no need for heavy cleaning and polishing.

While both Quartz and Granite are heat resistant, it is always worth using a trivet or barrier when putting down a pan that is very hot, and also do remember that diamonds are tougher than Quartz, so beware diamond rings, as they may cause scratching. Finally, and for a variety of reasons, it is always recommended to use a chopping surface for cutting with a knife or when using other sharp utensils.

Quartz offers a flexibility of design that you do not get with Granite- vibrant colors can really make a statement in a modern kitchen, and do remember it is equally as hard wearing. The area that Granite scores against Quartz is that it is easier to repair on the rare occasion when damage does occur.