New Stem Cell Technique For Bone Repair

Research workers from Ulsan National Institute of Technology and Science in UNIST, or South Korea, have developed a way of fixing bone by means of a carbon stuff with photocatalytic properties as well as a mixture of stem cells.

Previous research have used human bone marrow-derived hBMSCs, or mesenchymal stem cells, to treat breaks due to their possibility to regenerate bone in patients that have lost large regions of bone from injury or disease.

To improve the function of stem cells, scientists have used graphene, carbon nanotubes and nano -oxides.

Researchers found that red light is absorbed by this substance and after that emits fluorescence which can be utilized to hasten bone regeneration. Cancer cells and stem cells were cultured in a mixture including red light absorbing carbon nitride sheets, and after two days the substance revealed no cytotoxicity, which makes it appropriate as a biomaterial.

The research also revealed that red light absorbing carbon nitride sheets act to differentiate into osteoblasts to advertise mineral formation, which resulted in accelerated bone formation.

"It is going to be an invaluable tool for making artificial joints and teeth together with using 3D printing."

"This is a significant landmark in the investigation of biochemical functions necessary for the development of biomaterials, including adjuvants for tough tissues like damaged bones and teeth," Seo said at health message boards.