Waterjet Technology That Uses Nature at Its Best

Waterjet cutting technology today is the most popular among the various techniques that are used for shaping or carving designs in different materials. It may range from metals, glass, stone to just anything.

So, what exactly is waterjet technology? It is nothing but based on the concept that water has the capability to change anything into any shape. Look at the landscape around you, and you would realize that they are not the same, as they had been in the past. In fact, it is said that water has the capability to make holes even on stones. Using this idea, way back in the 1870s gold miners used water at high pressure to remove layers of sand and rock.

Flow waterjet gradually began to be used for the removal of stones and sand in construction work. It uses water at high pressure for the purpose. However, it was not used for commercial purpose until the 1970s. It was first used for cutting of paper tubes, which became hugely popular instantly. It is to be mentioned that waterjet cutting method is very effective in cutting paper diapers and honeycomb materials used in airplanes, which are very difficult using other traditional cutting methods like electrical and mechanical cutting methods.

Waterjet technology till a few years back used pure water to cut materials like soft, hard and sensitive materials. However, it could not effectively cut hard materials like ceramic tiles, glass, steel, or stone. Hence, technology was developed which used hard abrasive particles along with water in the jets, and that did the trick. This technology was developed in the early 80s and is implemented these days hugely.

It needs mention here that waterjet technology that uses abrasive cutting is considerably slower than cutting that uses pure water. However, it is also important to remember that this method can be used to cut any hard material with any thickness, and surface quality.